3 Mile Bend - Waskasoo Park

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Dog Walking
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3 Mile Bend is a dog friendly park and activity destination located in the northeast sector of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. 3 Mile Bend is part of the larger park and trail network in Red Deer called Waskasoo Park.

Red Deer Photo GalleriesWaskasoo Park follows the Red Deer River Valley from the River Bend Recreation Area to Heritage Ranch. Waskasoo Park includes over 100+ kilometres of recreation trails, picnic sites, attractions and day use parks including 3 Mile Bend.

3 Mile Bend includes a popular off leash dog park, a day use picnic area, a paved trail and a ski jump. You must be comfortable with dogs when visiting this park as there are many on most days.

Along the shores of the Red Deer River are sitting benches, a canoe launch, grass lawns and picnic tables. Near the off leash dog park is a children's playground, washrooms, picnic tables and more grass lawns.

Some of the summer activities enjoyed at 3 Mile Bend include walking, jogging, biking and roller blading on the paved trails; canoeing, fishing and swimming the Red Deer River; having a picnic in the park and dog walking. In the winter the trails become xc ski routes.

The short paved trail at 3 Mile Bend explores a wetland forest and follows the shores of the Red Deer River. Wildlife sightings are often enjoyed while exploring on the trail including possible sightings of various waterfowl, song birds, deer, coyote, beaver and porcupines.

The trail forms a short loop route for those wishing to stay close to the 3 Mile Bend area. And for those wishing to explore further, the trail is also part of the 9 kilometre Waskasoo Park North Bank Trail which follows the Red Deer River from Heritage Ranch to the Discovery Canyon.


3 Mile Bend - Waskasoo Park
Red Deer


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