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A rugged landscape of backcountry wilderness

Remote Northern Alberta, AB, Canada is a rugged landscape of backcountry wilderness forests, lakes, rivers, muskegs, wetlands and wildlife. Throughout the backcountry is an assortment of remote outfitter wilderness lodges, cottages and camps tailored for the fishing, snowmobiling and other outdoor four-season activities.


Activities, Adventures, Things To Do in North Alberta

Activities most enjoyed in and around, remote Northern Alberta communities and the surrounding areas includes fly fishing, canoeing, river kayaking, hunting, rock climbing, horseback riding, flightseeing, and xc skiing, dog sledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling and Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).

Accommodations, Services and Transportation in North Alberta

Travel services important to travelers in and around remote Northern Alberta communities includes accommodations (fishing lodges, outfitter camps, wilderness resorts, backcountry cabins), campgrounds, tours, guides and transportation services including charter floatplanes, airlines, and water taxi.

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