Elizabeth Hall Wetlands


Park Amenities:

Elizabeth Hall Wetlands is a birding wildlife education destination located in the community of Lethbridge, Alberta in the southern region of Alberta, Canada.

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada photo galleryThe Elizabeth Hall Wetlands measures 15 hectares (36 acres). The parkland centres around an oxbow which was formed when the Oldman River was redirected.

This Lethbridge, Alberta nature preserve provides an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the local wildlife in the region with a special focus on the birding wildlife.

Throughout the wetlands are some easy going walking trails with interpretive signs. The trails are for walking only and do not permit bikes, dogs or horseback riding due to the sensitive nature of the eco system.

The Elizabeth Hall Wetland Park provides an opportunity to view many species of birds including many waterfowl and songbirds. Other animals in the park which have been sighted include beaver, porcupine and painted turtles.


Elizabeth Hall Wetlands

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