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Lethbridge Nature Reserve is a wildlife education centre located in the community of Lethbridge, Alberta in the southern region of Alberta, Canada.

Lethbridge, Alberta park photo galleryEstablished in 1982, the nature reserve is the site of the Helen Schuler Coulee Centre and interpretive walking trails. The centre is a good source for wildlife education and for interpretive programs.

The walking trails are popular for birdwatching. The trails in the Lethbridge Nature Reserve include the Coulee Climb (1 km), Nature Quest (1 km) and the Oxbow Loop (1 km). Along the trails are information signs detailing the local wildlife and eco system.

The nature reserve trails explore the nearby coulees and the shores of the wetland marsh. The marsh includes opportunities for bird sightings of waterfowl and song birds including such birds as woodpeckers, owls, geese, killdeer, sandpipers and mergansers.

Other wildlife spotted in the Lethbridge Nature Reserve include foxes, beaver, deer, porcupine, painted turtles, and racoon.

Helen Schuler Coulee Centre and the Lethbridge Nature Reserve measures 79 hectares (196 acres) and is located on the eastern banks of the Oldman River. Throughout the reserve are groves of cottonwood trees, wetlands and coulees.

The nature reserve was named after Helen Shuler. She was the first president of the Lethbridge Naturalist Society and she played a big part in forming the Federation of Alberta Naturalists.

The trails in the reserve connect to the Coal Banks Trail. Other parks in the area to explore include the Indian Battle Park, Bull Trail Park, Botterill Bottom Park and the Elizabeth Hall Wetlands.

How to Get to the Lethbridge Nature Reserve

Travel to the community of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. From Highway #3 (Crowsnest Trail) access 3rd Avenue and travel west towards the High Level Bridge and the Indian Battle Park. Access road to Nature Reserve is on your right.

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Lethbridge Nature Reserve

How To Get ToLethbridge Nature Reserve

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