Hoodoos Trail


Located in: Drumheller Parks

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The Hoodoos Trail is a sightseeing destination located at the Willow Creek Coulee near the community of Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. In 2001 the Government designated the hoodoos in this area as a Provincial Historic Resource.

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada photo galleryHoodoos (aka fairy chimneys and earth pyramids) are tall rock pillars created from soft sedimentary rock (sandstone) topped with a harder rock which is more resistant to time and the elements like wind and rain.

Over time the weather creates 4 to 7 metre tall red rock pillars shaped like mushrooms. The hoodoos are easily identified and are a strong reminder of how nature works with time. The hoodoos are a symbol of the Canadian Badlands in Alberta, Canada.

Hoodoo (not to be confused with voodoo) was a type of magic introduced to North America in the 18th century. Aboriginals used "hoodoo" to communicate with evil and supernatural forces. They believed the hoodoos were evil giant gods turned to stone by the Great Spirit.

The Hoodoos Trail in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada is an easy-going loop route exploring hoodoos while visiting various stations with information signs and sitting benches. The interpretive trail is an opportunity to learn more about the area, history and the local geography.

The trail is well maintained and does include some sections with stone steps. In the parking lot of the hoodoo trail are pit toilets and a picnic shelter.

The hoodoos are an excellent and very popular destination to get a picture with a hoodoo, up close and personal. However.. it is important to show nature respect and not climb on any of the hoodoos. It is not permitted.


Hoodoos Trail
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Located in: Drumheller Parks
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