Carburn Park


Park Size: 135 hectares
Trail Length: 3.12kms or 1.9 miles

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Mountain Biking
Wildlife Watching
Wheelchair Access

Carburn Park

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Enjoy the largest ponds in the Parks system. Although ponds by definition are usually constructed bodies of water, they compliment the park's natural surroundings. Take a stroll down one stretch of narrow nature trail and enjoy a large pond on one side and the fast flowing waters of the river on the other, providing a pleasant contrast between natural and constructed environments.

Carburn Park offers a good example of a riverine deciduous forest and a significant shrubland community. The park's significant deciduous forest contains Balsam Poplar trees and many shrubs including American Silverberry, Saskatoon, Choke Cherry and Canada Buffaloberry.

Among the trees and shrubs in the riverine forest, there are many wildflowers, including Mealy Primrose and Heal-all.
Carburn park is a great place to watch the birds and other wildlife in two very different aquatic habitats. The ponds contain fish which attract a number of species of fish-eating birds including Belted Kingfishers and Great Blue Herons. In the main river channel, diving ducks such as Common Goldeneye and Buffleheads are often sighted.

Canoe, Kayak or Paddleboat in one of the two ponds (no motorized boats) or ride your bicycle along the pathways and enjoy the fabulous scenery.

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Carburn Park
67 Riverview Dr. S.E.

How To Get ToCarburn Park

18 Street SE to Rivervalley Drive SE to Riverview Drive SE
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