Canadian Road Trip Season

Filming Alexandra Falls in Northwest Territory, Canada

The sun is out! The heat is on!  Heavenly…

Time is counting down till the peak summer adventure season. What are you going to do this summer? Got a road trip in mind? We have a few suggestions.

Road trips are a yearly past time for many Canadians.  We are lucky here… there is so much to explore and discover. Our country is big, it is green, it is wild and rough.  It is surrounded by oceans on 3 sides and covered with lakes, mountains  and rivers. What is there not to like.

We have four beautiful seasons. We enjoy an ever changing landscape creating closets  full of adventure gear. During the year we are always packing one season away and taking another season out for play.

This summer, at EH Tourism, we are dusting off our backpacking, hiking, canoeing, camping and golfing equipment. Big plans ahead.

To some of us a road trip is a right of passage handed down from generation to generation. As a child our family would pack up the car and go for what was called back then, ” A Sunday Drive.” Whether it was a bribe, a tradition or a treat our family would always stop at Dairy Queen for some ice cream after. Funny what we remember.

Bear Sighting on the Olgivie River on the Dempster Highway, NWT

As we got older our curiosity of the country grew, our backyard was endless, our love for the outdoors peaked and our road trips morphed into a lifetime of bumps and bruises.

Road trips today are often back end loaded and include work and an adventure. There is always a adventure planned at the destination of all our road trips.

Road trips of today we plan for a journey instead of a destination.. and there is no Dairy Queen but Tim Hortons has filled in nicely.

There are many amazing road trips in our country. Many are decorated from start to finish with staging areas for setting off on adventures like hiking, horseback riding, backpacking, kayaking, mountaineering, canoeing, camping, bird watching, mountain biking, rock climbing and wildlife sightings.

Bear Sighting on Alaska Highway in Yukon Territory, Canada

Below is a small EH LIST of memorable road trips exploring Western Canada and the Northern Territories.

  1. Waterfall Highway (Northwest Territories): A sleeper sightseeing highway which seems to fly under the radar in Canada. Not sure why because it is a beauty. The route includes amazing waterfalls, trails and lookouts.
  2. Alaska Highway (British Columbia & Yukon Territory) : One of the most famous sightseeing highways in Canada. It measures 2,451 kilometres (1523 mi.) and it is full of non stop history, scenery and wildlife sightings. Main BLOG Photo is from the Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon on the Alaska highway.
  3. Dempster Highway ( Yukon and Northwest Territory) : An amazing journey traveling on mud and gravel roads, void of humans, exploring the northern tundra, boreal forest and Canadian Shield of the Canadian Arctic.
  4. Icefields Parkway (Jasper Alberta) : From the mountain village of Jasper, Alberta Highway #93 explores the Rocky Mountains in Jasper National Park connecting to adventures and, eventually, to the mountain village of Banff Alberta.
  5. Atlin Highway (Yukon & British Columbia) : Hwy #7 is the only paved and gravel one-way access road leading into the community of Atlin BC located in the northwestern wilderness regions of British Columbia. And it can only be accessed from the Yukon Territory.

Many of these routes are road trips for cyclists, as well as, motorcycles, rvs and vehicles.