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Getting to Grasslands National Park: West Block

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Getting to Grasslands National Park: West Block

Grasslands National Park is divided into two blocks, the East Block and West Block, both with very different landscapes.  Access to the park is only possible through driving as there is no public transportation available this far South. The road conditions can be rough in some places and once in the park they are mostly dirt and gravel roads.  Make sure to check the weather conditions before setting out as recent rainfall can cause the roads to be very slippery or completely impassible at points.

Getting to the West Block: To get here from Saskatoon, you are looking at a four hour drive to get to the West Block. You take highway 7 SW all the way down to Rosetown (a great spot to get some food or gas) and then head directly south down Highway 4 towards Swift Current. Swift Current is the last major town with gas and food that you pass through before you arrive in Val Marie, so it is a good idea to stop if you need anything. From Swift Current you have another 120 km before you will arrive in Val Maire where you will find the visitor centre (open May-October only). Some of the roads are not in the best condition, so be prepared to go slower than the posted speed limit at times. Once you are in the town of Val Marie you will see signs for the entrance of the park, which is a 25km drive.


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