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The Weir
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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The Weir

Difficulty: Easy - Family
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The Weir
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Weir is a sightseeing lookout point and birdwatching destination in the Meewasin Valley located on the South Saskatchewan River in the community of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Weir is part of the Meewasin Valley park and trail system. The Meewasin Valley Trail measures 60+ kilometres and connects to many picnic day use sites, activity destinations, lookouts and riverfront parks including The Weir.

The Weir photo galleryThe Weir is one of the most visited sightseeing destinations in the community of Saskatoon, Sask. Built in 1939, the South Saskatchewan River Weir is a Historic Civil Engineering Site. At the time of construction it was considered an engineering first.

A big reason for the popularity of The Weir are the white pelicans. From spring to mid September a large number of white pelicans arrive at The Weir in Saskatoon to play and fish in the whitewater of the South Saskatchewan River.

It seems that pelicans are not the only ones fishing. The Weir also includes a fishing platform and an exposed sand bar which are ideal for shore fishing on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River.

The part of the Meewasin Valley Trail which connects to The Weir is very well developed. The lower path is mostly boardwalk and the upper path is cement. The paths are decorated in sightseeing benches, lookout platforms, telescopes, plaques and many information signs.

North of The Weir is a railroad bridge. There is a large set of metal stairs leading up to the top of the bridge to a platform and pedestrian crossing. From the top of the platform are some great views of The Weir, the University of Saskatchewan, the South Saskatchewan River and Sandbar Island.

Sandbar Island is located south of The Weir in the middle of the South Saskatchewan River. At first it was created to improve the flow of the river but now it is more of a popular destination for birds.


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

52.1414296 -106.6440296

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