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St. Victor Petroglyph Provincial Park

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Detailed Description:

Located 37 kilometers south of the town of Assiniboia Saskatchewan is the hamlet of St. Victor, home to the St. Victor Petroglyph Provincial Park.  Here sandstone cliffs are known to hold over 300 rock carvings and is designated as a Canadian Historic Place (Archeological Site DiNI-1).  

Located on the North Slope of the Wood Mountain Uplands, this area and thus these carvings are thought to have significant spiritual and sympbolic meaning for the precontct First Nations tribes that created them.  Dated to sometime between 500 and 1700 A.D., they are primarily animal tracks, human and animal figures and the website at says these carvings are significant for what they "reveal regarding First Nations cosmology, spirituality, symbolism and artistic expression."

This site is protected by a fence and access is through a lookout point above the carvings. The 'Friends of St. Victor Petroglyphs' have a web site that describes the location, best time to view, etc. and even has posted a wonderful video documentary by Wes Bloom, called "Carved in Stone." It can be found here 

The landscape here is certainly breathtaking, including vistas of wooded coulees and short grass prairie. A picnic area is provided and outdoor washroom facility as well.  Don't forget to check out the Church Museum in St. Victor as well for more information about the area and its inhabitants.  Watch for signs.  Interpretive centre is in St. Victor.

St. Victor Petroglyph Provincial Park, St. Victor, Saskatchewan, Canada


St. Victor Petroglyph Provincial Park
Main Street and Lalonde Avenue
St. Victor ,


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