Wiarton, Ontario, Canada

"Gateway to the Bruce" and "Home to Wiarton Willie"


Wiarton, Ontario, Canada is located at the southern terminus of the Bruce Peninsula located in the Bruce Peninsula-Georgian Bay Region of Southern Ontario, Canada. To many in the region it is referred to as the "Gateway to the Bruce" and "Home to Wiarton Willie".
The small community is situated on the western shores of Colpoys Bay which is an inlet situated off of Georgian Bay. A growing tourism industry attracts visitors to the community for relaxation while staying with one of the cottages or resorts. Some arrive by vehicle and some arrive by boat and moor in the popular marina.

Wiarton, Ontario Parks, Trails and Places of Interest

The very popular hiking and backpacking Bruce Trail runs through town. Another attraction in the region is Spirit Rock, Bluewater Park and the Bruce Caves. These caves were formed 8000 years ago by Lake Algonquin. Today they are a main attraction in the Bruce's Caves Conservation Area.

Wiarton, Ontario Servies and Amenities

The town is a major stop for those exploring the Bruce peninsula and for coming off the Bruce Trail to replenish supplies and take advantage of the community services. All who visit have access to restaurants, gas stations, grocery store, art galleries, golf club and accommodations (hotel, B&Bs, resorts, cottages).
In many circles Wiarton Willie is the most famous resident of Wiarton, Ontario, Canada. Willie is a groundhog predicting spring every year from Wiarton. February 2nd the country tunes in to see if the groundhog sees its shadow. A decision which means an early spring or 6 more weeks of winter.
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