Midland Ontario

On the shores of Midland Bay on Lake Huron


Midland, Ontario, Canada is a year round adventure and vacation destination located on the shores of Midland Bay which is situated in the Southern Georgian Bay region of Lake Huron. The area is part of the Bruce Peninsula-Georgian Bay Region of Southern Ontario, Canada.

Besides the community of Midland, there are other villages and towns which are part of the Midland experience. The nearby communities of Tay Township (Port McNicoll, Victoria Harbour, Waubaushene), Penetanguishene and the Township of Tiny - all play a part in the adventure and travel experience.

Midland, Ontario Beaches and Marinas

Up and down the shoreline of Midland Bay and neighbouring Nottawasaga Bay are marinas, waterfront communities and sandy beaches.

Sandy beach parks decorate the coastline to the east of Midland (Richards, Waubaushene, Tanners & Magnus Beaches) and west of Midland (Lafontaine, Thunder, Balm, Bluewater and Woodland Beaches)

After some time spent enjoying in the Southern Georgian Bay region it is easy to see why they once called the region "Persequi Qualitatem Vitae" which means Pursuit of Quality of Life.

Midland, Ontario Services and Amenities

Some of the services which are important to travelers includes accommodations (resorts, hotels, motels, resorts, B&Bs, cottages, etc), campgrounds, tours, guides, outfitters, charters, equipment rentals, spas, attractions, shopping, laundromats, libraries, internet, restaurants, coffee houses, banks, grocery stores, gas stations, art galleries, theatre, and transportation (marinas, taxi, car rentals).

Destinations like Martyr's Shrine, the Sainte Marie Among the Hurons and the Huron Ouendat Village (Huronia Museum) are the most popular attractions in Midland, Ontario for history, culture and tradition.

Midland, Ontario Parks, Trails and Places of Interest

The activity nature parks located in the region include the Wye Marsh, Little Lake Park, Harbourside Park, Pete Pettersen Park, Gawley Park, Awenda Provincial Park and the Georgian Bay Islands National Park. Midland is a jumping off point for boat cruises sightseeing Canada's largest fresh water archepeligo.

The popular paved trails include the Tay Trail (18 km); Midland Waterfront Trail (8 km) and the Penetanguishene Trail (5.5 km).

Midland, Ontario Adventures, Activities and Things To Do

During the summer months the most popular activities and adventures include golfing, boating, sailing, kayaking, fishing, swimming, hiking, birding (birdwatching), mountain biking, seadooing, water skiing, wind surfing, horseback riding and sightseeing tours.

Sightsee the Southern Georgian Islands by boat, kayak, horseback, sail, bike or on foot. In Midland there is a self guided walking tour exploring over 30+ hisotric murals - a favourite being the "Brebeuf Lighthouse" mural.

During the winter months tours, outfitters and guides provide activities and adventures like xc skiing, snowmobiling ice fishing and snowshoeing.

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