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Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park is a remote adventure and sightseeing destination located north of the community of Sault Ste. Marie and south of Wawa, Ontario, Canada in Algoma Country. The park, however, is best accessed by train.

The Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park is highlighted by the Agawa Canyon. It is the main destination for activity and sightseeing.

The canyon cliffs measure over 175 metres (575 ft.) tall. They are home to boreal forests, waterfalls, wetlands and granite rock formations.

The park and canyon are accessed best by rail. A one day rail tour leaves Sault Ste. Marie and travels 180+ kilometres to the Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park.

The rail service to the park is aboard a 1913 refurbished railway train. The train ride entertains you with wilderness scenery, wildlife sightings, a dining car and a 1 -2 hour stop at a wilderness train station in the middle of the canyon park.

From the train station travelers can hike trails, view waterfalls, go birdwatching, have a picnic and/or do some gift store shopping.

Located at the train station - besides a gift store - are some washrooms, a day use picnic area and a staff house. The train station is also the trailhead for accessing hiking trails leading to viewing platforms overlooking waterfalls.

There are no roads into the park. Hiking to the park is possible from the park located north of Agawa Canyon called the Lake Superior Park. Lake Superior Park is located just south of Wawa, Ontario. Most, however, take the train.

Between 1918 and 1923 the Group of Seven traveled the train and visited the park for inspiration for their paintings. The Group of Seven was a famous group of Canadian wilderness painters inspired by the Canadian landscape. The canyon and waterfalls were often their favourite destinations.

Today, the hiking trails at the Agawa Canyon train station takes visitors to the waterfalls and treat people to possible wildlife sightings and birdwatching opportunities. Bird sightings may include a great blue heron, loon, bald eagle, osprey, wood duck, goldeneye, hawk, kestrel and many various songbirds.

There are 5 short nature trails. Some work together forming loop routes. The trails are the Ed Foote Trail, Lookout Trail, Otter Creek Trail, River Trail, and Talus Trail.

Trails are well signed and maintained. Most follow a crushed gravel pathway. Highlights are the viewpoints overlooking Black Beaver Falls (175 ft.), Bridal Falls (225 ft.) and Otter Creek Falls 14 metre (45 ft.).

The Otter Creek Trail is a short 15 minute return walk from the staff house to the lookout overlooking Otter Creek Falls.

The Talus and River Trails lead to two lookouts at Black Beaver Falls (30-40 minute return) and one lookout at Bridal Falls (40-50 minute return). The River Trail enjoys two day use picnic areas. Combine all the trails and you have a great loop route.

The Lookout Trail may be the most popular trail as it provides a far reaching view of the canyon, river and mountains. But it is toughest of the trails to access. The trail has an elevation climb of 76 metres (251 ft.) and includes over 300+ steps. At the top of the steps is a wooden lookout platform. At 80 steps there is a resting platform with a view.

The train also drops people off who are exploring the wilderness park while canoeing, hiking, rock climbing and ice climbing. There are some classic climbing routes in this area going by the names of Trestle, Salmon Run and Sweating Whiskey. The train drops off explorers between mile 110 to 114. Many bring tents for camping.
Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park, Sault Ste Marie, Algoma Country, Northern Ontario, Canada


Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park
Gore Street
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How To Get ToAgawa Canyon Wilderness Park

Train : Most access park by train. The train station located in downtown Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada is the main departure point for the ride to Agawa Canyon. In Sault Ste Marie ravel on Bay Street to the Algoma Central Train Station near the corner of Gore Street.
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