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Wasagaming Manitoba
Adventure Travel - Canada

Wasagaming, Manitoba is the resort village located in the Riding Mountain National Park. The small recreation village is located on the shores of Clear Lake near the southern entrance of the national park.

Riding Mountain National Park is located on the western side of Manitoba, Canada in the Parkland Region. The wilderness park is situated just south of the community of Dauphin and north of the community of Neepawa.

Wasagaming Village is located within the park boundaries. It is best known as the main service centre and as the main base camp for accessing the adventures and activities throughout the Riding Mountain National Park.

The village is situated on the southern shores of Clear Lake and its front yard is a long, sandy beach. Surrounding the village are boreal forests, wildflower meadows, aspen parklands, prairie grasslands, deciduous forests and wetlands, lakes and marshes.

To assist with planning an adventure in the wilderness park there is a park office, bike rentals, canoe rentals, tours, guiding companies and an information centre in the village of Wasagaming.

Wasagaming village provides many services including accommodations, campground, restaurants, guided tours (hiking, horseback riding and wagon tours), ice cream stand, museum, theatre, coffee houses, bakery, gas station, grocery store, gift shops, laundromat, park office, ATM and golf course.

From wasagaming Village one has access to many adventures and activities. Some of the more popular activities include hiking, backpacking, wilderness camping, drive-in camping, mountain biking, cycling. fishing, boating, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, picnicking, windsurfing, horseback riding and birdwatching.

During the winter the roads and trails connecting to the village become xc ski routes. The many frozen lakes in the park are transformed into an ice fishing destinations.