Wooden viewing deck on cliff at end of trail

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Views from lookout

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Hiking Trail
Trail map on trail

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Trailhead Parking Lot
Sign marking the parking lot and beginning of trail.

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Hiking Trail
Coal Mine Trail

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Trail Sign
Coal Mine Trail sign

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Prince of Wales Trail
Hiking trail on Stewart and Mayo Rivers

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Interpretive Sign
Information sign on Devil's Elbow Trail

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Devil's Elbow Trail
Hiking trail leading to a summit lookout

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Boardwalk Path
Walkway lining the Binet House property

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Bear Trail
Trail sign in Faro

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Wolf Trail
Hiking, Biking Trail in Faro

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Wolf Trail
Recreation Trail in Faro

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Fox Trail
Junction of trails in Faro

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Fox Trail
Hiking & Biking trail in Faro

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