Recreation Lake & Trail
Hiking Valley of Trees
Trail takes on tunnel vision feeling

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Hiking Trail
Walking along shores of Hidden Lake

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Field of Brush
Hiking Hidden Lakes Trail from Chadden Lake

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Hidden Lakes Trail
Chadden Lake connects to the Hidden Lakes

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Hidden Lakes Trail
Hiking from Chadden Lake to Hidden Lakes

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Fishing Sign
Seen better days

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Reflections of Flooding
Trees submerged and reflective

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Flooded Trees
Beautiful in its own way

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Researcher on Location
Enjoying some quality time on the shores of Chadden Lake in Whitehorse

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Sunken Trees
Sunken trees from flooding of Valley

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Shoreline Views
Flooded trees dominate the shoreline

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Portaged canoe on hold for next adventure at Chadden Lake, Whitehorse

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