Exploring the Waterfall Highway

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Tipsy Potty
Balancing act when doing your business

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Cabin Rest Stop
Warming hut with wood stove

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Rest Stop
Inside a highway rest stop

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Redknife River
River on the Waterfall Route

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Highway Signs
Redknife River

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Waterfall Route
Also Mackenzie Hwy #1

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Sambee Deh Falls Park Entrance
Welcome sign

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Sambaa Falls
Views of the falls from the trail

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Eroded Rock
River carves a path in the soft rock

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Trout River
Flat Rock everywhere.

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Flat Rock
Trout River

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Stairs on Hiking Trail
Hiking trail to base of falls

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Trailhead to connector trail leading to base of falls

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Hiking Trail
Trail leads to the base of the falls and flat rock

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