Natural Attraction
Lady Evelyn Falls
It is a curtain of a waterfall

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Lady Evelyn Falls
Misty views of waterfall from lookout

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Lady Evelyn Falls
Views from lookout

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Side Trail
Trail leads to base of waterfall

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Hiking trail back up to parking lot

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Waterfall Entrance
Welcome to the falls

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Entrance on Hwy 1
Welcome to Lady Evelyn Falls

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Day Use Area for children

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Hiking Trail
Lookout straight ahead

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Lookout at Lady Evelyn Falls
EH Tourism taking pictures

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Camp Fire Ring
Sitting area around fire pit in day use area

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Day Use Building
Kitchen Shelter

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Lady Evelyn Falls Lookout
EH Tourism Kodak moment

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Lookout at Lady Evelyn Falls
EH Research Team gives it the thumbs up

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