Hwy #1
Tipi or Teepee
Teepee located at NWT/Alberta Border crossing

6293 hits

NWT Logo
Territorial emblem

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Highway Marker
Waterfall Route

3879 hits

Picnic Area
Day Use Area at Alberta/NWT Border

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Border Crossing Fountain
Pond near Info Centre

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Water display at Alberta border crossing

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Welcome to N.W.T.
Border Crossing for Alberta/N.W.T.

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Exploring the Waterfall Highway

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Waterfall Route Sign
Highway sign

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Tipsy Potty
Balancing act when doing your business

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Cabin Rest Stop
Warming hut with wood stove

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Rest Stop
Inside a highway rest stop

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redknife-river _5_.jpg

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Redknife River
River on the Waterfall Route

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Highway Signs
Redknife River

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