Little Beach


Located in: Ucluelet
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Park Amenities:
Wildlife Watching
Wind Surfing

Little Beach is a recreation destination located in the community of Ucluelet, BC, Canada on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Little beach is a private pebbled beach hidden away in a small cove surrounded by a few waterfront homes, towering cliffs, high banked shrubbery and dwarfed trees.

The beach has no services and is mainly used as a sightseeing and picnicking beach. However there are obvious signs of ocean access as sometimes the beach is covered in row boats and driftwood logs. In the high cliffs Bald Eagles soar. Out in the bay seagulls chirp and fishing boats anchor. For a little cove it can get busy with activity.

The pebbled beach is close to many of the services and amenities of Ucluelet Village. The beach is small and so is the parking. Parking is at the end of a dead end street. turn around room is limited. There is a small opening in the bush leading to the beach. Beach access is walk in only.

How to get to Little Beach:

Follow the Pacific Rim Hwy to Ucluelet. In the community, the Pacific Rim Hwy turns into Peninsula Rd. Continue driving Peninsula Rd, pass the school zone. On your right, just after marine Drive, is a large sign with Little Beach Park. Turn here and park.


Little Beach
Peninsula Rd
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Located in: Ucluelet
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