Roche Cove Regional Park


Park Size: 117 hectare (289 acre)
Trail Length: 7+ kilometre (4.4 mi.)

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Wildlife Watching

Roche Cove Regional Park & Trail
Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Roche Cove is an adventure and activity hiking and sightseeing destination located near the community of Sooke, BC which is situated west of the City of Victoria, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

The 117 hectare (289 acre) park is described as a woodland, wilderness park highlighted by thick groves of cedar trees with fern covered, deadfall tree forest floors and a rough and rugged coastal shoreline.

Within the boundaries of the Roche Cove Regional Park is a 7+ kilometre (4.4 mi.) hiking trail which follows the banks of a small creek leading up to vistas with views overlooking the cove. It goes to say the highlight of the park is the meandering hiking trail exploring the woodland forests in the park.

The trail is, at times, challenging with some sections include some elevated hiking. The forest trail being under the cover of trees can at times be slippery and good foot wear chould be worn. Be aware of exposed tree roots and rocks on the trail as well as no one wants a sprained ankle. Some may be loose as well as slippery.

The trail is relatively well maintained and marked.


Roche Cove Park in Sooke BC, Canada!


Roche Cove Regional Park

How To Get ToRoche Cove Regional Park

Travel to the City of Victoria and then to the community of Sooke, B.C., Canada. Once in Sooke travel east and turn onto Gillespie Road.
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