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Woss, BC - Community
British Columbia, Canada

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Park Amenities:
Gas Station
General Store
Wildlife Watching

Woss is a very small seaside village located in the Nimpkish Valley on the north end of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  There are no real guiding companies here. The adventures enjoyed are mostly self guided. 

The wilderness landscape, in and around Woss, is ideal for many hard core adventures.  The hiking trails in the region are not developed and are considered wilderness routes. Some of the more popular trails are the ones exploring on Mount Schoen and Mount H'kusam. Other trails to explore near Woss include the Salmon River Trail and the Dalrymple Trail.

Other activities enjoyed in the region exploring the wilderness mountains include caving and mountain biking. The Little Husan Caves is one destination for spelunking.  Nearby, Mt. Cain is one of the most popular biking hills in the region.  

The waterways surrounding Woss are the playgrounds for many marine activities. Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, sailing and wind surfing are just a few of the adventures enjoyed on the water. The calm waters on Atluck, Vernon and Klakakama Lakes attracts people who are more interested in canoeing, fishing and kayaking.

The Village of Woss has some of the basic services important to travelers like a gas station, motel, campground, restaurant, general store, pub, marina and a liquor store.

How To Get To: Woss, BC - Community

Woss is located off of Highway 19 just south of Port McNeill, BC. Approaching Woss from the south of Vancouver Island from Victoria, travel north on the Hwy 19 ( North Island Hwy) for 200 km (124 mi) just south of Port McNeill. Watch for directional signs.


, British Columbia Canada

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