Raft Cove Provincial Park
Located in: Port Hardy


Port Hardy

Trail Length: 1-1 kilometres (one way)

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Wildlife Watching

Raft Cove Provincial Park is a hidden gem located on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. Often over shadowed by San Josef Bay Beach and others - plus the remoteness of the beach - Raft Cove is often overlooked.  The drive there is long and requires travel along a 60+ kilometre gravel logging road. But once there the cove is easily accessed hiking a short trail which takes no longer than 30 -45 minutes to complete. At the end of the trail is a 1.4 kilometre gorgeous sandy beach. 

Raft Cove Raft Cove Provincial Park trail is 1.1 kilometres. The trail explores through dense forests, bogs, ferns and fallen trees. The park provides possible wildlife sightings including Bald Eagles, Oyster Catchers and, sometimes, Black Bears.

The Raft Cove Trail, although short, is considered a moderate hiking experience which will require some effort. Do not be fooled. There are fallen trees converted to foot bridges. There are mud holes to navigate when hiking in the early spring and late fall seasons. There are plenty of exposed tree roots located along the trail with very few areas covered in boardwalk. One wrong step could result in injury.

The Raft Cove sandy beach provides a gorgeous beach setting, with little or no people. An ideal destination for people who want big scenery without a multi day grueling hike. The beach is littered with massive logs thrown ashore by storms. Along the beach are log  structures built by campers for protection from the winds and rain. The weather on the outside coast of Vancouver Island can be unpredictable.


Raft Cove Provincial Park
Port Hardy
British Columbia
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Located in: Port Hardy
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