Somenos Marsh


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Somenos Marsh is a wetland ecosystem located in the community of Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The wetland conservation area is a birdwatching destination with boardwalk trails and lookout viewpoints.

The boardwalk and dirt trails follow along the shores of Somenos Lake and the marsh. The highlights located in the wetland marsh include Drinkwater Dock, the Ducks Unlimited Nesting Area, the Garry Oak Protected Area and Watt's Walk .

Drinkwater Docks is an elevated boardwalk trail leading to a viewing platform. Ducks Unlimited Nesting Area is a birdwatching viewpoint. Watt's Walk is a boardwalk trail leading to another viewing platform. And the Garry Oak Protected Area is the home of the second largest Garry Oak Tree in British Columbia, Canada.

There are over 200 different types of birds sighted at Somenos Marsh. Some of the birds spotted include Trumpeter Swans, Canada Geese, Marsh Hawks, Mallard Ducks and Blue Herons. Other wildlife in the area include muskrat, beaver, river otters and raccoons.


Somenos Marsh
Highway #1

How To Get ToSomenos Marsh

Travel to the community of Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island. Proceed along Hwy #1 to the north of the community. Parking lots are located on York Road, Trans Canada Highway and Drinkwater Road.
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