Mt. Tzouhalem


Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Mountain Biking

Mount Tzouhalem is a sightseeing hiking trail leading to fabulous views of the Cowichan Valley. The mountain trail is located east of the community of Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The mountain is also  a popular location for activities like mountain biking and hang gliding.
The mountain enjoys a vast network of intertwined trails. Some are technical, some are novice, all are up hill leading to a summit. Most of the trails are single track trails while a few are old gravel access roads.

The trails  located on Mount Tzouhalem explore along rocky cliffs, over crags and through a forest of arbutus and cedar trees before leading to a rocky viewpoint overlooking the Cowichan Estuary.

The trails are shared routes used, both, by mountain bikers and hikers. Most of the wilderness trails are covered with exposed tree roots, loose rocks and boulders. On some occasions there are dead-fall trees lying across the trail left behind by wind storms.

All the trails lead to a summit where there is a large cross. The cross marks the best viewpoint located on the mountain. From the cross one can see the entire Cowichan Estuary, the community of Duncan, Cowichan Bay, Mount Whymper and Mt. Prevost.

Just a short distance from the cross is a rocky, grassy knoll. Hang gliders use this point as a jump off point for launching themselves off the cliffs.


Mt. Tzouhalem


Located in: Duncan

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