Saratoga Beach


Saratoga Beach

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Saratoga Beach in the Comox Valley is a stunning, beautiful sandy beach located in the community of Saratoga Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The beach, for some unknown reason, is often misplaced on the list of the best beaches  on Vancouver Island. There is no reason for this. There are many reasons it could be at the top of the list like no crowds, little winds, and the exposed beach at low tides to name just a few. 
Saratoga Beach
The sand and pebbled beach is over a 1.5 kilometres long and covers the entire waterfront of the small ocean community. From one end to the other, the sandy beach is a popular for beachcombing, birdwatching and suntanning. Hardly a visit goes by without seeing a sand castle or a person reading a book.  

The beach connects to all of the waterfront resorts in the community. Many step out their front door and immediately walk onto the beach. The north end of the beach is anchored by a campground and a private marina and the south end by the Miracle Beach Provincial Park.

The ocean waters are shallow on Saratoga Beach. It is an ideal beach destination for families and children. And during low tides the ocean waters reveal tidal pools and plenty more sand providing plenty of room for children to play.  


Saratoga Beach
Saratoga Beach
British Columbia
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