Rotary Seawalk

Campbell River

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Rotary Seawalk - Campbell River

The Rotary Beach Seawalk is a 6 kilometre (3.4 mile) paved walkway that follows the pebbled and sandy shores of the Discovery Passage. The popular activity trail is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada near the community of Campbell River. 


The Seawalk runs parallel to Highway #19A. Both the highway and the walkway provide fantastic marine views. On any given day one can observe the comings and goings of sailboats, fishing vessels, kayakers, cargo ships and cruise liners.

There are picnic tables, viewing benches, grass lawns and sandy beaches located along the walkway making viewing comfortable. Take the time to explore the route and one will come across chainsaw art wood carvings, monuments and interpretive signs. Many of the wood carvings are located in the Rotary Beach Park which connects to the walkway.

The walkway is very popular activity route. Some use the walkway for exercise or as a transportation route while others use the walkway for relaxation and sightseeing. Some of the activities enjoyed on the walkway include dog walking, hiking, jogging, roller bladding and biking. The well maintained Seawalk is also baby stroller and wheelchair friendly.

The shoreline following the walkway is lined with a mish-mash of pebbled beaches and sandy beaches. Here and there, scattered everywhere, are large piles of driftwood thrown ashore from the heavy storms. The marine environment and the unobstructed views make an ideal setting for birdwatching. Bald Eagles and other seabirds live in the area and often make an appearance.


Rotary Seawalk
Campbell River

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