Ruby Lake & Dan Bosch Regional Park

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Park Amenities:

Ruby Lake is located on the northern tip on the lower half of the Sunshine Coast just south of Earls Cove nearest the small village of Egmont, BC. The lake is neighbouring two other lakes - North Lake and Klein Lake. Each freshwater lake having their own special appeal and attraction.

Ruby Lake Ruby Lake is home to the Dan Bosch Regional Park which is accessed from Hwy 101 just 15 minutes south of Earls Cove. The area is a popular destination for swimming fishing and for beach activities. There are picnic tables onsite and a leisure easy grade trail exploring around the perimeter of Ruby Lake. The loop hiking trail is approximately 0.8 km long.

The Ruby Lake Lagoon Nature Reserve Society can guide you in identifying the varied wildlife during any of their nature hiking adventures or from the facility onsite tailored for bird watching enthusiasts. Hwy 101 divides the bird watching opportunities into two halves. One side is crossing a developed wooden bridge with viewing decks, viewing benches and an outdoor bistro overlooking the enclosed marshlike area... and on the other side of Hwy 101 is a wide open lake.

Photographers and Birdwatchers enjoy the many species of birds flocking to the area. There is also a good possibility to view such popular BC wildlife like Black Bears, Bald Eagles, Roosevelt Elk, deer and turtles also.

There is another trail in the area connecting Ruby Lake to Klein Lake. This connector hiking and biking trail also makes up a portion of the Suncoaster Trail system. The Klein Lake Loop Trail connecting the lakes takes about 2-3 hours but time is not the challenge here. The trail from Ruby Lake has some steep climbs to trek during the 2.5 miles (4 km) route.

Ruby Lake, Sunshine Coast, Egmont, British Columbia, Canada


Ruby Lake & Dan Bosch Regional Park
Highway 101


Located in: Egmont
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