Klein Lake Hiking Biking Trail


Located in: Egmont
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Park Size: 4 km
Trail Length: 4 km

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp
Mountain Biking

Klein Lake Hiking-Biking Trail is located on the northern tip of the lower half of the Sunshine Coast just a tad east of Earls Cove nearest the small village of Egmont, BC. The Klein Lake route works its way around the vicinity of three other lakes - North Lake, Ruby Lake and Waugh Lakes.

Klien Lake Loop Trail The Sunshine Coast fresh water lakes are all easily accessed by gravel road. The Klein Lake Hiking-Biking Trail is connected to Ruby Lake by a great little trail. This connector hiking and biking trail also makes up a portion of the Suncoaster Trail system.

The Klein Lake Loop Trail takes about 2-3 hours but time is not the challenge here. The trail, depending on which trailhead is the departure point, has some steep climbs to trek during the 2.5 miles (4 km) route. When hiking Ruby Lake north to Klein Lake is where the steep trail is a challenge.

Completing the Klein Lake Hiking-Biking Trail circle route one cannot avoid the climbs. The Klein Lake area is a popular area for swimming, picnics and fishing for trout. Along the hiking biking route are some sweet mountain views and an opportunity to view the carving works of a local artist, Terry Chapman, from the cliffs.

Also at Klein Lake is a wilderness recreational campground with about 20 sites located around the lake. There is pit toilets and some with picnic tables.

Klein Lake Hiking Biking Trail, Sunshine Coast, Egmont, British Columbia, Canada


Klein Lake Hiking Biking Trail
North Lake Forest Road
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Located in: Egmont
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