Around the Pond Trail

Sandspit, BC

Trail Length: 1.7km

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:

Around the Pond Trail is fairly new, having been developed in the last few years. It is an easy hike, with no elevation gain, and clocks in at roughly 1.7 kilometers in length.

The trail is located directly across the road from Onward Point and the trailhead marker can be seen on Hydro pole 79. Unfortunately, the rainy weather has all but erased the marker indicating the name of this particular trail. Nevertheless, the trail represents a nice walk through the forest and around the pond (a nearby swamp). As you begin, the trail initially takes you through some moderately dense salal and shrubs before opening up into a forest dominated by spruce and some alders. I’m not sure how often the trail is maintained (there was some deadfall), but the route is very easy to navigate thanks to the white trail markers throughout. At the mid-way point, the trail splits and you have the option of doing the “quarry loop” or going around the pond. Regardless what route you take, you will still link back up with the main trail.

Once you reach the trail’s endpoint, you will emerge alongside the highway a few hundred meters from where you began. Here, you can choose to walk back to the Onward Point parking lot or cross the road and continue with the trail until it eventually links up with the more popular Onward Point Trail.


Around the Pond Trail
Highway 16
Sandspit, BC

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