Gore Brook Trail
Located in: Haida Gwaii


Queen Charlotte

Trail Length: 1.6km

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:

Gore Brook Trail is a moderate 1.6 kilometer hike through the dense forest behind the Village of Queen Charlotte.

The trail is easily accessible from two primary entry points, both of which are clearly identified by trailhead markers: The top of 8th street (north of the high school) and the top of 9th street (north of the village office).

Because you are walking through the rainforest, much of this hike is muddy and wet, so proper footware is strongly advised. The early part of the trail is fairly easy, but it does get challenging further on. With creek crossings, roots and logs along the path, it can get slippery. In addition, sections of this trail runs along sidehill, making for some narrow pathways.

Trail highlights include evidence of springboard logging, mosses, old growth, and examples of the rich vegitation found throughout Haida Gwaii.

The Gore Brook Trail also connects with, and intersects, the informal "Backyard Trails" system at numerous points. It is strongly advised that hikers stick to the designated trail so as to avoid getting led astray.


Gore Brook Trail
Top of 9th Street
Queen Charlotte
British Columbia
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Located in: Haida Gwaii
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