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Anderson Lake near Lillooet, Cariboo-Chilcotin Region, British Columbia, Canada is a large, long lake tucked away in the wilderness back country mountain hills located west of the community of Lillooet. The Lillooet region enjoys many lakes with Anderson Lake being one of the more popular recreational lakes for boating, fishing, water skiing, windsurfing, canoeing, mountain biking, off roading and snowmobiling.

The lake does butt up tight against massive rock cliffs in many areas, thus exposing very little shoreline therefore providing limited access. In fact there are only 2 good access points on the lake. Near the Village of D'Arcy located at the south end of the lake is a public dock, campground and a boat launch. At the northern tip of the lake near the Village of Seton Portage is another boat launch.

The southern tip of Anderson Lake is accessed by a paved road via the community of D'Arcy. The rest of the lake is best viewed by a high mountain 4x4 seasonal gravel road which travels along high rock bluffs. This route provides spectacular scenery of the valley but is only enjoyed safely riding an off road vehicle.

The rough gravel road extends from south to north, from D'Arcy to Seton Portage, 33 kilometres (21 miles). It travels along the west side of the lake. The gravel route is referred to as the Highline Road and is a very popular route for dirt biking and atving in the summer and snowmobiling in the winter.

From Seton Page the gravel roads explore, even, further into the back country wilderness leading to other lakes and rivers - eventually connecting with Lillooet, BC. For the truly adventurous sightseer, the gravel road route leads to Seton Lake, Carpenter Lake, Gun Creek and Bridge River Valley.

There is a fish hatchery operating on Anderson Lake. A good sign that there is fishing in the area. In particular, most arrive at the lake to fish for rainbow trout and dolly varden. Research shows trolling is the most effective technique on the lake since there is very little shoreline.

Explore Anderson Lake near Lillooet, Cariboo-Chilcotin Region, British Columbia, Canada



Anderson Lake
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How To Get ToAnderson Lake

To access the southern tip of Anderson Lake first travel to the Village of D'Arcy via the same road leading to Birkenhead Park. D'Arcy is located 42 kilometers (26 miles) north-east of Pemberton. To access the northern tip of Anderson Lake and the Village of Seton Portage travel Highline Road.
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