Irrigation (Dunalter) Lake Park
Located in: Houston



Park Amenities:
Boat Launch

Irrigation (Dunalter) Lake Park is a popular lake park destination providing a full day of water activities when visiting the community of Houston, British Columbia, Canada. The lake park is hidden in a forest setting just west of the community of Houston accessed best from Highway 16.

Irrigation Lake Park is a full serviced recreation destination complete with picnic tables (some in the shade, some not), fire pits, sitting benches, change rooms and outhouses. The lake enjoys a small sandy beach and a large grassy area. Many arrive at the lake to swim and picnic.

From the small parking lot is the trailhead to a nature trail which explores around the lake. The trail is mainly single track and explores the forest shoreline of the lake. Because the hiking path is following the edge of the lake the trail is moist and sometimes muddy with the occasional fallen tree and the tree root to navigate.

Canoers and non motorized boats are permitted on the lake only. All boats and canoes are beach launched and during the day some are tied up to a small dock. Many boaters arrive at the lake to fish for some Rainbow Trout. The lake is a popular fishing destination so the numbers of fish may be low at times.

Visit the Irrigation (Dunalter) Lake Park in Houston, British Columbia, Canada



Irrigation (Dunalter) Lake Park
Highway 16
British Columbia
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Located in: Houston
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