Barret Hat Hiking Trail
Located in: Houston



Trail Length: 2 km

Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:

Barret Hat Trail is a great opportunity to go on a short hike leading to mountain and river valley views located just north of Houston, British Columbia, Canada. The lookout point, at one time, was a forestry lookout that was used by the park rangers to spot wild fires. Today, the Barret Hat Trail is a hidden gem of a local hike serving up views of mountain ranges.

The short 2 km or so hiking trail travels along an old overgrown forestry road leading out onto a lookout point with fantastic views of the Telkwa Mountain Range and the Bulkley Valley. The entire hiking route should take 45 minutes to an hour to complete one-way.

The easy-grade hiking trail starts off by following a fairly wide dirt road up a hill of mud, exposed rock boulders and tree roots. Make note, the hardest part of this trail for us on this trip was making sure we had the right trailhead (deactivated dirt road) because there was no clear signage.

A the top of the hill the route levels out for the first time on a small cleared hilltop. This is as far as you can go by vehicle. Continue following the trail into the shrubs and forest. Soon... the trail narrows and begins to follow some back acreage fencing of a farm before it leads back into the forest again and out to the lookout point.

Explore Barret Hat Hiking Trail in Houston, British Columbia, Canada



Barret Hat Hiking Trail
Barret Hat Road
British Columbia
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Located in: Houston
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