SS Sicamous


Located in: Penticton

Difficulty: Easy - Family
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SS Sicamous is a good reminder of the history of lake transportation in the Okanagan Valley. Before roads, there were paddle wheel boats transporting people from one community to another in the Okanagan Valley via lakes.

Penticton Photo Gallery - SS SicamousThe S.S. Sicamous was the last and the biggest ever passenger boat built by the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway). It was launched in 1914. The paddle wheel boats were built to service the communities of the Okanagan Valley.

The 228 foot passenger boat transported trappers, miners and forestry workers from lake community to lake community. During lake travel the rich would occupy one of the 40 staterooms on board the SS Sicamous.

Later came the alternative routes for travel in the Okanagan Valley like paved roads and The Kettle Valley Railway . The roads and trains was a direct result of the beaching the S.S. Sicamous in 1951.

Today the passenger boat is a tourist attraction for all to remember.


SS Sicamous
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Located in: Penticton
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