Lakawana Park


Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Skateboard Park

Lakawana Park is a recreation community park situated on the north end of Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. The park is a family destination with tennis courts, large grass lawns, playground, splash park and a concession area. Nearby is a skateboard park.

Penticton Photo Gallery - Lakawana ParkThe park is 4 acres in size and includes a paved walking path. Throughout the maintained park is some picnic tables and sitting benches. Some benches view the lake while others are under trees and near playgrounds.

The highlights of the park the splash park, the tennis courts and the cool steam train in the playground near the change rooms. For those who wish to relax, some arrive in the park to sit on a bench and sightsee or read a book or take in a quick lunch.



Lakawana Park
Power Street


Located in: Penticton

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