Spotted Lake

British Columbia


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Spotted Lake is an environmental anomaly located in the Okanagan Valley near the community of Osoyoos, BC, Canada. The lake has a long history with the local First Nation People.

Long ago the mud and water from the Spotted Lake was once believed to have healing powers. The "Legend of Kliluk" states that the Indian people applied the mud and water to ease aches and pains of the local tribes people.Spotted Lake Photos

Spotted Lake measures 15.2 hectare. The lake composition is unique in that it contains a blend of minerals including silver, magnesium sulphate, titanium, and calcium plus many others. Spotted Lake is privately owned and does not permit people on the property. However, one can view the lake from the cliffs high above Osoyoos, BC on Hwy #3.

Spotted Lake, Osoyoos, BC



Spotted Lake
Highway #3

How To Get ToSpotted Lake

The Spotted Lake is 8.8 kilometres west of Osoyoos on Highway #3.
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