International Biking and Hiking Trail

British Columbia


Trail Length: 18.4 kilometres

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking

Oliver BC International Biking and Hiking Trail is a recreation trail that explores the south Okanagan Valley region between Osoyoos Lake and the community of Oliver, British Columbia, Canada. The trail is a multi purpose one-way trail consisting of paved and gravel sections popular for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

The International Biking and Hiking Trail is an 18.4 kilometre route exploring through desert and wine country while following the shores of the Okanagan River Canal. The north trailhead is located near Oliver, BC at McAlpine Bridge where Hwy #97 and the Okanagan River meet. The south trailhead is located on the north end of Osoyoos Lake.

The International Biking and Hiking Trail is an alternative way to see the countryside. And everyone can enjoy the scenery as parts of the trail is wheelchair accessible. The trail is also a unique way to visit with over 11 wineries located along the route. Properly planned, the trail is a self guided wine tour for all who enjoy vineyards.

The pathway is nicely planned with rest stops along the route including washrooms, picnic tables, information signs and viewpoints. It is important to be alert, keep your head up, as it is a popular trail with high traffic. Horses are asked to use only gravel sections and cyclist yield to walkers. Everyone enjoys this trail together.
International Biking and Hiking Trail, Oliver, BC, Okanagan Valley



International Biking and Hiking Trail
Highway #97

How To Get ToInternational Biking and Hiking Trail

North Trailhead: Travel Hwy #97 to the north end of Oliver, BC. Continue to McAlpine Bridge where Hwy #97 and the Okanagan River meet. The trailhead is here.

South Trailhead: Travel south on Hwy #97 towards Osoyoos, BC. Where the Okanagan River Canal meets Osoyoos Lake is the trailhead.
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