Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area


Park Size: 9,364 hectares
Park Amenities:
Mountain Biking

Osoyoos Bc South Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area was established in 2001 to protect and preserve the unique grassland and mountain regions located west of the community of Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada. The 9,364 hectare grasslands park includes the area of Spotted Lake, the Grasslands of Kilpoola, the Grasslands of Chopaka East and Mount (Mt.) Kobau.

The Okanagan Grasslands Area is a popular destination for hikers, mountain bikers, sightseers, photographers, history seekers and people who enjoy fishing. Spotted Lake has a historical past and a deep significance to the local First Nation People. The "Legend of Kliluk" states that the Indian people applied the mud and water from the lake to ease aches and pains of the local tribes people.Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area Photos

The 15.2 hectare Spotted Lake has a unique blend of minerals including silver, magnesium sulphate, titanium, and calcium plus many others. Spotted Lake is privately owned and does not permit people on the property. The lake is however, best viewed, 8.8 kilometres west of Osoyoos from Hwy #3 with a camera in hand.

The Grasslands of Kilpoola and Chopaka East were once mining territories. It was the rumor of minerals in the ground that attracted miners to the region in the early days. Evidence of mining is still evident along some hiking routes. But today, the Grasslands of Kilpoola is best known for the fishing in Kilpoola Lake and the Grasslands of Chopaka East is best known for Black Mountain and Richter Lake.

Mt. Kobau is the biggest and most popular attraction in the South Okanagan Grasslands Area. The hiking trail leading to a fire lookout is considered one of the best places in Canada for star gazing. Regularly astronomers gather on the peak of the mountain for the Annual Star Party.

The Mt. Kobau- Testalinden Trail is a short 5 kilometre loop trail that circles the peak of the mountain before leading to a fire lookout. From the lookout one can see 360 degree views of the Okanagan Valley, Similkameen Valley and the Cascade Mountains. The trail is accessed by the main gravel road leading up to the summit. It is on these gravel roads that mountain biking is permitted.

The South Okanagan Grasslands Area is home to many species of plants and wildlife. Some endangered, while others are in near danger of becoming endangered species. Some of the wildlife in the area to keep an eye out for include the pygmy short-horned lizard, grasshopper sparrow, mule deer, sage thrasher, big horn sheep and black bears.
South Okanagan Grasslands Area, Osoyoos, BC, Okanagan Valley


Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area
Kruger Mountain Forest Service Road

How To Get ToOkanagan Grasslands Protected Area

Travel Hwy #3 west of Osoyoos for 10 kilometres. Access the Kruger Mountain Forest Service Road. Continue following the rough gravel road for 17 kilometres to the gravel parking area 1 kilometre from the summit.
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