White Lake Grasslands Protected Area

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Park Size: 3,741 hectare
Park Amenities:
Horseback Riding
Mountain Biking
Wildlife Watching

Okanagan Falls White Lake Grasslands Protected Area provides opportunity for hiking, camping, mountain biking and horseback riding. However, one must stay on the roads and the designated trails so to continue to protect the sensitive eco system.Okanagan Falls BC Photos

The 3,741 hectare White Lake Grasslands Protected Area is a conservation site put in place so to protect the grasslands, the wildlife, pine forest and alkali ponds of the Southern Okanagan Basin. Throughout the region are many protected wildlife species and plants.

The White Lake Grasslands Protected Area protects the area from Mt. McLellan and Mount Hawthorne, Green Lake and the west side of Vaseux Lake from Mt. Keogan to McIntyre Bluff and over to Myers Flats.
White Lake Grasslands Protected Area, Okanagan Falls, BC



White Lake Grasslands Protected Area
Green Lake Road
Okanagan Falls


Located in: Okanagan Falls

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