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Accommodations in and around Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, Canada. Places to stay include hotels, motels, inns, resorts, cottage, bed and breakfast, campgrounds, hostels and RV Parks. Book your Okanagan Falls, Okanagan Valley vacation accommodation today on Canada's largest booking, planning and interactive travel and accommodation website.


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7219 Hwy. 97
V0H 1T7
Phone: 1.250.498.6044

Welcome to the Wine Capital of Canada. Rooms are spacious, comfortable, with private entrance and exquisite views of the South Okanagan Valley. Enjoy wholesome breakfasts while looking out over our working orchard. We are Certified Organic – Growing organically since 1990.
2357 Rolling Hills Rd.
Okanagan Falls
Phone: 2504978981

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