Okanagan Mountain Park


Difficulty: Moderate
Park Amenities:
Horseback Riding
Mountain Biking
Wildlife Watching
Wind Surfing

Okanagan Mountain Park is a wilderness recreation destination located on the east side of Okanagan Lake popular for activities like hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, wilderness camping, horseback riding, boating and fishing.

Kelowna Photo GalleryIn 2003 the forests and grasslands of the Okanagan Mountain Park withstood a massive forest fire destroying many hectares of parkland. Today, there is still evidence of the fire, but there is also evidence of nature's will as the forest is growing back fast and green.

The park is popular for activities like hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, wilderness camping, horseback riding, canoeing, boating and fishing. However, there are no roads in the park, just trails. So... the only access to the park is via a recreational activity like hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding.

Some explore the park for a day while others prepare for overnight trips staying in one of the wilderness campsites in the park. The wilderness campsites, are rugged and include no amenities except a pit toilet. Others explore the park via the water route and marine campsites on the shores of Okanagan Lake.

Wilderness backpacking is permitted at a few lakes in the park including Divide, Victor and Baker Lakes. The marine campsites, accessed by foot and boat, include Halfway Bay, Commando Bay, Van Hyce Beach, Buchan Bay and Goodes Creek. In total there are six marine campsites.

The campsites and the viewpoints in the Okanagan Mountain Park are accessed via trails. The most popular overnight trail is the Wildhorse Canyon Trail (22 km) which accesses the marine campsites. The Divide Lake North Trail (20 km) is the only horseback riding route in the park. The Mountain Goat Trail (10 km) also leads to Divide Lake but from the south end of the park. The Border Trail (5 km) follows Dead Horse Creek and makes for a good day hike. There are many other trails in the park. All newcomers should acquire a map before exploring.

Fishing in the Okanagan Mountain Park is permitted in Norman, Baker and Divide Lakes. Must have a fishing licence. Each of the lakes are stocked with rainbow trout. Lakes are accessed via the trails in the park. Hike in fishing only permitted. Many fish from the shoreline but some pack in inflatable fishing gear.

How to Get to Okanagan Mountain Park:

Okanagan Mountain Park is easily accessed via gravel roads in the south and paved roads in the north of the park. The south end of the park is accessed via the community of Naramata and the north end via the community of Kelowna.

From Kelowna travel into the community and access Lakeshore Road. Continue traveling the road for approximately 16 kilometres to the parks parking lot. There are plenty of signs on the route.

From Naramata travel along Chute Lake Road for 8 kilometres along rough gravel roads to a parking lot. If you are traveling from Penticton, BC the park is 25 kilometres away.


Okanagan Mountain Park

How To Get ToOkanagan Mountain Park

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