North Okanagan Valley Community Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley
City Park
City Park
Downtown Park Popular downtown park
Bertram Creek Regional Park
Bertram Creek Regional Park
Hiking and Biking Park Local community recreation park
Mission Creek Regional Park
Mission Creek Regional Park
Local Community Park Hiking park in community
Kettle Valley Rail Trail
Kettle Valley Rail Trail
Hike and Mountain Bike Trail Recreation Trail for hiking and mountain biking
Myra Bellevue Provincial Park
Myra Bellevue Provincial Park
Hiking and mountain bike park Okanagan Valley Recreation Park
Big White Mountain
Big White Mountain
Big White Recreation Mountain Big White Ski Resort in the Okanagan, BC, Canada. Come skiing in the Okanagan Valley.
Greenway Park
Greenway Park
Mountain biking and hiking Popular recreation trails in Kelowna
Views from KVR
Okanagan Lake Kettle Valley Rail Trail tours

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Off Roading
4x4 in the backcountry Gravel roads in the countryside

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Apple Tree Mural
City Art local art on the buildings

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Peace Back at Ya
People saying Hi to us at EH Tourism Locals enjoying the sunshine

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Resorts in Kelowna
Okanagan Lake marina Hotels and marina in Kelowna

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Marina in the community Recreation on the water

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Downtown Biking
Biking in front of marina Bike path in the community

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Packing Crates
Fruit packaging in Kelowna Fruit packaging

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Welcome to Kelowna
Entrance to the community of Kelowna Highway sign into the community

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Airport in Kelowna Kelowna Airports

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Okanagan Lake
City by the lake Views on the lake

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EH Tourism in Kelowna
Downtown research and exploring EH Tourism jeep and downtown

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Cherries in the Okanagan Cherry and fruit orchards in community

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Cherry orchard in community Cherry orchard producing Okanagan fruit

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Kelowna Vineyard
Winery on Okanagan Lake Hillside winery on Okanagan Lake

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