Heritage Kiosk Walking Tour

Fort St. John

Located in: Fort St. John
Fort St. John

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Heritage Walking Tour is an informative route following the path of many historical photo kiosks while walking the downtown streets in the the community of Fort St. John, B.C., Canada. The display signs inform and entertain visitors about the treasured past of the region while shopping and exploring the retail shops in the downtown core of the community.

The majority of the historical information kiosks line 100th street from the local museum on 96th Avenue to the last informative sign on 106 Avenue. A secondary set of informative historical signs line 100 Ave from 102 Street to 98 Street. A good starting point to view the historical signs is the corner of 100 Street and 100 Avenue.

The Heritage Kiosk Walking Tour tells the story of the early pioneers settling in Fort St. John, BC, Canada. Some of the earliest displays include a picture of a 1930 Flour Mill and a 1933 Blacksmith Shop. Some of the displays provide view shots of the town back in the day like the kiosks of 100th Avenue and 100th Street in the early 1930's.

Each display provides a brief description of the photo with many being of the older buildings of the time. Some of the historical building kiosks on the walking tour include a picture of the Pomeroy Hotel, Fort Hotel, Providence Hospital, Northern Inn Plaza, Titus General Store, Mark's Cafe and the Condill Hotel.

A few of the kiosks on the walking tour highlight the history of the Alaska Highway from the beginning of the construction, to the use of the route to the great flood. All in all the route delivers and provides an interesting insight to the beginnings of the region. Unfortunately some of the signs are not in as good of shape as others making reading and viewing difficult.

Explore the Heritage Kiosk Walking Tour in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada



Heritage Kiosk Walking Tour
100 Avenue
Fort St. John
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Located in: Fort St. John
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