Fish Creek Park

Fort St. John

Located in: Fort St. John
Fort St. John

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Fish Creek Park is a community recreation destination exploring along three paved and gravel paths through a very well maintained demonstration forest on the banks of Fish Creek. Located in the community of Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada the park is suitable for all ages and abilities with some sections wheelchair accessible.

The year round destination is easily accessible from the large gravel parking lot. This is a good thing as the park is the most popular recreation destination in the community. The parking lot also services Northern Lights Collage, a baseball field and Kin Park. A neighbouring park with picnic tables.

In the summer months the park is explored by hikers, joggers, rollerblading, baby strollers and dog walkers. Families, couples and groups wander the popular paths daily. While in the winter months, after the snow has fallen, the park is a popular destination for adventure seekers who enjoy some time outdoors xc skiing and snowshoeing.

From the parking lot all visitors have access to 3 trails - the Anatomy, Silviculture and Multi-Purpose Trails. Each trail provides a different eco system to explore. The trails cross over wooden foot bridges, include interpretive signs about the local environment and provide sitting and viewing benches for enjoying your visit at your own pace.

The Anatomy Trail is a short 500 metre trek along a paved path following green signs exploring the different aspects of the local forest. This loop trail is wheelchair accessible and should take no longer than 25 minutes. Aspen and spruce trees dominate the forest.

The Silviculture Trail is an 830 metre loop route exploring the natural and cultural history of the region following blue signs. This trail is a 1/2 hour walk over wooden bridges eventually connecting to Fish Creek. This trail is connected to the Anatomy Trail.

The Multi-Purpose Trail is the longest and most enjoyable route following red signs for 4283 metres. The route is used by walkers, bikers and xc skiers and takes approximately 2.5 hours on foot to explore. This trail provides the best views of Fish Creek and explores the most tree treatment units in the demonstration forest.

The trails provide an opportunity to view some of the local wildlife in the community like various species of song birds and small animals like chipmunks and squirrels. The park is also a destination for honing wilderness skills by the local orienteering club.

Explore Fish Creek Park in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada



Fish Creek Park
119 Avenue
Fort St. John
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Located in: Fort St. John
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