Cottonwood Park

Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Dog Walking
Interpretive Signs

Cottonwood Park in Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada is a popular north end park with historic displays and lake views of Stuart Lake. A large lake which partakes in many recreational activities enjoyed by locals and visitors.

Lining Stuart Lake are a few viewing benches, some up close and some hidden under trees. There are picnic tables also, under the shade of the trees providing views of the lake. On a clear day Mount Pope can be seen in the distance. A local hill with one of the more popular hikes in the region leading to views of the valley and of many lakes.

The lake park is a major gathering spot for events like the Caledonia Classic Dog Sled Race and the Cottonwood Music Festival. The park is ideal for such events because it includes a band shelter, picnic tables and a picnic shelter on a large treed grassy field. There are a few fire pits, a boat launch, change rooms and a sandy beach.

The park is home to a few monuments with information about some of the early pioneers who settled in the area. Monuments like the Junkers W34 Float Plane and a Marion Steam Shovel. There are large billboards in the park and plaques onsite which provide a quick look into the trials and tribulations of some of the pioneers who settled in the Fort St. James region.

The Junkers W34 Float Plane on display is 1/3 the actual size of these small planes. The planes played a big part in opening up the north of British Columbia, Canada because of their versatility. The planes were able to take off and land on all types of surfaces like snow, water and ground.

Explore Cottonwood Park in Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada



Cottonwood Park
Highway 27
Fort St. James


Located in: Fort St. James

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