Echo Lake

Trail Length: 1.5 kilometre

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Wilderness Camp

Echo Lake Trail in Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada is a wilderness trail that is not as well known or as well used as others. Because it is not as well traveled as others it is not as well maintained. The trail is well marked but the path is overgrown and is best identified by the colored markers posted on the trees. Following the tree markers is your best bet to Echo Lake.

The Echo Lake Trailhead is located on an old logging road south of Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada. The trail is the only public access route to the lake. The trailhead is located a short distance along the gravel road and is easily identified by the large billboard sign.

The hiking route starts by crossing a an old clear cut into a forest of second growth trees. Enter in to the trees and continue following the tree markers, high stepping dead fall trees and exposed roots, until you reach the shores of Echo Lake.

The 1 - 1.5 KM easy grade trail is mostly level and should take no longer than a few hours to enjoy. The trail is short enough to portage a canoe and do some fishing. But keep in mind the trail is covered with many trees and zig zags through a forest. A canoe at times might not be such a good idea. A belly boat would work far better for fishing.

When visiting Echo Lake make sure to set aside some extra time so you can continue to explore further down the gravel road to another lake named Fish Lake. Although the gravel road is rough at times, the trip is well worth it as the road leads to the shores of the lake and one recreation camping site, fire pit and boat launch.

Explore Echo Lake Trail in Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada



Echo Lake
Fish Lake FSR
Fort St. James


Located in: Fort St. James

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