Fish Lake

Park Amenities:
Boat Launch
Wilderness Camp

Fish Lake in Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada is a hidden gem of a lake located just off Highway 27 south of the community of Fort St. James. The small, remote lake is a small recreational destination surrounded by nothing but forest and water. The lake is far from city distractions and about the only sounds you will hear are the loons and the birding wildlife.

From the highway explorers take a gravel road to the lake. The gravel road leading to the lake ends where there is one small recreation tenting site with a roof top boat launch, a picnic table, a fire pit and an outhouse. It is a private wilderness spot ideal for a picnic and some quality time outdoors.

The road leading to the lake is rough and in the muddy season the road should be attempted by a 4x4 only. There is enough room for a two tents - 1 group with 3 vehicles max. and the lake is then all yours.

The lake is an ideal destination to canoe, swim and fish. If your timing is right the wilderness site is all yours creating an ideal destination for groups to play with no interruptions. The tenting site is a self maintained site... so please pack in what you pack out. No footprint left behind.

There is no hiking trail at Fish Lake. The lake is mostly a canoe, camp and fishing lake. The boat launch makes access to the lake very easy. Often when exploring the lake by canoe or belly boat.. it is you and you only on the lake. Many people who fish enjoy time on the lake because it is remote and being filled with trout helps the cause.

When traveling the gravel road to Fish Lake you will notice a large trailhead sign on your left pointing to the Echo Lake Trail. So... although Fish Lake has no hiking the Echo Lake Trail is really close by and is worth the effort. Try to make some time to explore this short trail to Echo Lake - another of the many lakes in the region.

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Fish Lake
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