Mt. Pope Provincial Park

Trail Length: 6-7 kilometres

Difficulty: Difficult
Park Amenities:

Mt. Pope Provincial Park Trail in Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada has one of the more popular hiking trails in the region because of the big views this hike provides. But the views come at a price because to enjoy the views one must complete a steep hiking trail up a mountain leading to an old forestry lookout.

The well maintained hiking trail is located in the Mount Pope Provincial Park. The day-use park was established to protect the sensitive limestone bluffs, caves, wildlife and the local flora and fauna in the area.

The 6-7 Km (4.3 mi.) route follows an earthy, pine-needle cushioned trail up Mount Pope via a series of switch backs to a peak providing fantastic 360 degree views. The views capture the valley including the many lakes of the region including Stuart, Tezzeron, Pinchi and Trembler Lakes and the looming Omineca Mounatin Range.

The one way trail up the mountain is considered difficult and should only be attempted if in good reasonable physical condition. The entire hiking adventure, up and down the mountain, should take 4-5 hours to complete depending on your group's fitness levels. Along the trail, especially after a steep climb, are a few resting benches. A welcome sight for some.

The bluffs on Mount Pope are also a popular destination for rock climbers although the routes are not as well known as some of the more popular routes in BC, Canada. The local rock climbers in the area have mapped out 39 climbing routes on Mt. Pope. To find out further information please contact the local rock climbing club.

In 1865 one surveyor and a guide for the Western Union Telegraph climbed the local mountain to get a better view of the surrounding land. As each were exploring the slopes for possible routes to lay the telegraph line they got separated. One was lost on the mountain for two days. The locals named the mountain after him. His name was Franklin Pope.

From the large parking lot on Stones Bay Road the trailhead is easily spotted. There is an information billboard in the parking lot with some information about the park and trail. It is important to note there is no water on this trail so please pack some.

Explore Mt. Pope Provincial Park Trail in Fort St. James, British Columbia, Canada



Mt. Pope Provincial Park
Stones Bay Road
Fort St. James


Located in: Fort St. James

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