Leoppky Park

Dawson Creek

Difficulty: Easy - Family
Park Amenities:
Dog Walking
Interpretive Signs

Leoppky Park is a network of walking paths exploring a well documented demonstration forest resting on a hilltop located in the community of Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. The park is a recreation destination attracting dog walkers, joggers, hikers, birdwatchers and the curious year round.

The park is a network of easy-grade trails looping together exploring eco systems in a forest arboretum. The trail system is lined with some sitting benches and interpretive signs describing the various sections of the forest's eco systems. Starting from the main trailhead parking lot is an information hut with a colorful trail map created by local children indicating each distinctive section of the demonstration forest.

Much of the forest is identified by interpretive signs - each sign with a brief description of the forest trees. The long list of trees in Leoppky Park includes Lodgepole, Limber, Scot's, Swiss Stone, Red Japanese and Astrian Pine trees; White, Black, Engelman, Colorado Blue, Serbian, Norway Spruce trees.. and Walker, Northwest and Assiniboine Poplar trees. There is some Siberian Larch, Mountain Alder, Cottonwood, Swedish Aspen trees also.

The trail network is unique in that the trail signs are hand painted animal figures created by the local school children. For example the info shed, kiosk and monument is located on Butterfly Crescent. The other trails go by the names of Mouse Meadow, Magpie Stryt, Owl's Way, Snowshoe Hare Hwy, Porcupine Pass, Squirrel Scamper, Coyote Avenue, Black Bear Road and Hawk Fly Way.

The trail system leads to a lookout tower which provides views of the neighbourhood community and of farmer's fields. Further into the adventure there is also a pond which attracts the birdwatchers and a windmill which attracts your attention because it sits alone, in plain view, out in the middle of an open field.

The demonstration forest trails wander in and out of eco systems. Much of the focus is on trees and trails when visiting the park but there is more to it than that. There is the wildlife that visit the park like the many song birds and waterfowl... and sometimes moose and deer. And then there are the spanning views on a clear day from the look out towers.

Leoppky Park in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada



Leoppky Park
Loran Drive
Dawson Creek

How To Get ToLeoppky Park

When arriving in Dawson Creek from the west on the Alaska Highway take 17th Street north. Continue on 17th Street and take a right onto Loran Drive. Just up the street on your left is a small parking lot and the trailhead.
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